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Concert Info

February 15, 2008

Sugarland will be back in Tennessee on April 12, in Knoxville. Tickets will go on sale Saturday, but of course — WXBQ Radio is already giving them away. I love trying to win things before they ever go on sale…. and sometimes, I actually do win!  Remember that great song Sugarland did with Bon Jovi? Well…if you’re a fan of his, too – you’ll be interested to know that Bon Jovi will be in concert in Nashville on April 24, at the Sommerset Center (formerly the Nashville Arena).

Luke Bryan Luke Bryan (photo taken at the Greene County Fair in Greenville, TN last summer, contributed by Brittany Johnson) was in Gainesville, Fla. on Valentine’s night – he shared the concert stage with 024_24 Dierks Bently (It was D.B.’s Throttle Wide Open tour); and Bucky Covington was there, too. That must have been one great show. Unfortunately, Tennessee is just a tad too far from Florida for me to have even considered making this one. We’ve had Dierks and Bucky at Fairs closer to home, and they put on a great show — and of course, we’re looking forward to having Bucky back in our area this fall. (Don’t forget to check out This photo of Bucky and Marc Tragler from WXBQ was taken at the Appalachian Fair in Gray last year.

Be sure to drop me a line with any information you may have … whenever and wherever your favorite entertainers are going to be. If you tell me, I’ll pass it on to all my blog visitors.

Have a great day!


Happy Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2008


Valentine’s Day came a little early for the gang at WXBQ 96.9, in Bristol, Va. Brittany Johnson and I traveled to Bristol today to deliver Valentine’s day gifts to our furry friend (the WXBQ Rabbit), and to the on-air staff.

 WXBQ 005

 THE WXBQ RABBITChristmasParade043


The first smiling face we saw belonged to Joyce, the receptionist at WXBQ 001Bristol Broadcasting. We couldn’t go any farther without giving Joyce a little gift, addressed to her and the office staff. Thanks, Joyce, for always being so friendly! I always look forward to visits to WXBQ.



Reggie Neel (right) wasWXBQ 002 just finishing up his shift, and Marc Tragler was about to start his. We got to visit with them both for a little while, and give them their candy. I’m sure they didn’t mind getting it a little early. Reggie got a special treat, a bag of cheese chunks! Reggie loves cheese.


WXBQ 004 Marc Tragler in the WXBQ studio. With Marc in the studio, guarding bags of candy for Marcus Brooks, Matthew James, Richard Quillen and Steve Stroud, and Mike Lawrence. I wonder how good of a guard he will make. Tragler, one bag is for you — make sure the other bags get to the right hands! (I’m joking Trags….love ya!)

More Later!