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John W. Stone … Alive and well at Tootsie’s

April 2, 2008


607482R11514A_14A_233 His name is John W. Stone. He opened for Craig Morgan a few years back at the Appalachian Fair in Gray, Tenn. I thought at that time that we would be seeing a lot of John. But it just hasn’t happened for him yet. More often than not, you can find him at Tootsie’s in Nashville. 

In addition to Tootsie’s, John also has some shows scheduled at Boondocks in Guntersville, Ala., Revolutions in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and a few in Indiana, Mississippi and Iowa.

 607482R11615A_15A_234John had a song on his first CD called “Do the Math,” which I think is about my favorite JWS song. He also had one about Nascar, which the Northeast Tennessee audience enjoyed, being this close to Bristol.

John was one of the people who auditioned for the very first season of Nashville Star. (The year Buddy Jewell won). He didn’t make the cut, and didn’t get on television – but he’s still a good entertainer, and a very nice person. If you ever get the chance to stop in at Tootsie’s in Nashville, be on the look out for JW.

And, in case you didn’t know – Nashville Star will be on NBC beginning in June – and will be hosted by Billy Ray Cyrus.

Talk to you real soon!


Who is this?

February 21, 2008

025_25 Anyone recognize this person? Of course I know who it is. The picture is from my photo album. I was just curious as to whether or not any of you remember him. I thought he was great. Very talented singer, great guitarist, and a genuinely nice person.

He had one record, which I believe made it to number one; and one that probably made it to the Top Ten. This picture was taken at a little club in Bristol… about 4 years ago, I guess it was. (I need to learn to date things).

He is from Southwest, Virginia, and I would really like to know what he’s been doing lately. His name is Clay Davidson, and the song he’s most remembered for was “Unconditional.”

Remember to write! I just love hearing from you … and Winnie, thanks so much for mentioning Country’s Chatter on your absolutely great Buckymaina site. I’ve got you listed under my links – so everyone, whether you’re a Bucky Covington fan or not (and I can’t think of anyone who isn’t) – go check out Winnie’s site!

More later,

Jamie O’Neil

February 21, 2008

026_26 Hi again. I think I’ve discovered the cause of my computer problems – well, I didn’t, at least not by myself. I try to keep a very close friendship with those folks who are have a lot of technical talent. So thanks to Anthony (my extremely smart co-worker), and Stephen (my extremely smart son), for putting up with my lack of technical know-how.

Wanted to share this photo of Jamie O’Neal that was taken a few years ago – back before she had her daughter, in fact. Jamie is still touring nationally, and lives in Nashville with her daughter, Aliyah, and her husband, Rodney Good. (Rodney is from Gray, TN – notice Jamie’s Daniel Boone High School sweatshirt).

See you guys tomorrow. Take care!

Do You Remember Them?

February 14, 2008

     032_32 Remember Jeff Bates? Like anyone could forget. There aren’t many voices out there like his – “Long Slow Kisses,” “The Love Song,” and “Leave the Light On”… to name a few.

     Country Weekly tells us that Jeff is back! He has left his longtime label, RCA, and signed with the independent label, Black River Music. I’m sure we’re all more than ready to have Jeff back in the world of Country music.  Jeff performed at the Appalachian Fair twice, and we wouldn’t mind having him back a third time!

     Back in 1982 and 1983, the Top Female Artist of the year (named by Billboard), was Janie Fricke. She sang “Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me Baby,” and “Down to My Last Broken Heart” — among others. I got to see Janie perform at Freedom Hall in Johnson City… She sang with the Johnson City Symphony Orchestra! Janie is back! She is now being represented by booking agents at Top Notch Talent.

  031_31   Buddy Jewell – Now there’s a name from the not so distant past. Buddy hasn’t had a song on the charts for a few years now, but he’s still actively touring and putting on his fantastic shows for his loyal fans. Buddy appeared at the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va. a few years back, and at the Appalachian Fair in Gray the year after that. Come back to this area Buddy! We miss you. I spent a little time on his MySpace page earlier this evening. It’s a great page … enjoyed the music, too!

     That’s it for tonight. I really don’t spend all my time listening to country music, sometimes I sleep. Take care, guys — More later!