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Gwen Sebastian Releases “Quicksand”

October 9, 2017

Quicksand_FINAL480px_72dpiGwen Sebastian will be releasing her second single “Quicksand” on Friday, October 13. “Quicksand” was written by Gwen, Chris Harris and Terri Jo Box and is the follow up to her #1 debuting single on iTunes “Cadillac.”

“I wrote Quicksand with my friends Chris Harris & Terri Jo Box.  Terri Jo had the song title and it just sounded like it should be about someone who’s dangerous but ‘pulls you in’ and you can’t seem to stay away from.  The recording is a bit haunting and mysterious, so releasing it on Friday, the 13th seems perfect,” Sebastian said.

Both songs are featured on her forthcoming new album Once Upon a Time in the West: Act I which will be released on November 17.

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This is Eli Young Band

September 6, 2008

PressBand2900They have the No. 35 song on Bob Kingsley’s Top 40 Countdown, and the video for that single, “When It Rains,” is being aired on both CMT and GAC. They are the Eli Young Band.

Eight years in the making, the group has put together a 12-song CD that “paints even the difficult times in life with an underlying optimism,” a recent press release read.

EliYoungCoverArt900 The debut album, Jet Black and Jealous, will be available Sept. 16, and of course includes the current single, “When It Rains.” The members of the group are Mike Eli, vocalist; James Young, guitar; Jon Jones, bass, and Chris Thompson on drums.

The four weren’t sure initially what they had or where they were bound, the release said. But they knew they needed to keep pushing forward, that there was something special in their boundless mix of modern country and solid roots-rock inspirations.

PressBandSitting900 Without the help of a major recording label, the group sold 40,000 albums and got their video aired on CMT and GAC. Now, with the manpower of Universal Republic and Universal Records South behind the band, their single is on its way to becoming the longest running single in chart history.
(Professional photographs courtesy of Universal Records South)

“We live in the American Idol age,” the age of instant celebrity,” Young said. “But we grew up listening to bands that did the same thing we eventually did. That was all we knew; Go out and start playing.”

Eli adds, “we can stand up with our heads held high because we have a history and we’ve gone out there for eight years and worked really hard. Everything we’ve done so far, we’ve built ourselves. I think there’s something to be said for that, being able to have our story and being able to have a history as a band.

Be sure to visit the group’s MySpace page, by clicking on their name in blue above. There you will find now only “When  It Rains,” but other Eli Young music you can listen to as well. I think you guys are really going to like this group. I really like them – and I think you guys will, too.

The Washington County Fair starts Monday, Sept. 8 – and I will definitely get that lineup and other fair information here for you all tomorrow. Have a great weekend – and remember to check out Eli Young Band – maybe we’ll see them at a fair in our area next fall!


Books, movies, tv appearances, and a USO Tour

September 1, 2008

I hope all of you had a good Labor Day weekend. It’s always nice getting a three-day weekend, and visiting friends and family for a picnic, or final swimming party of the summer. Now, here’s a little news.

 Copy of 004_4 Trace Adkins will take part in another USO tour to the Middle East. He will be there for a week of entertaining, and giving the soldiers a chance to take pictures and get autographs. Trace has been a long-time USO supporter, he said he is humbled by the opportunity to spend more time with our nation’s finest.

Trace will be seen on CMT’s series Crossroads this fall, when he takes the stage with the southern rock band, 38 Special. The Crossroads special will premier Saturday, Sept. 27, at 8 p.m.

Fair Josh Gracin 149 Josh Gracin will release his entire video catalog to iTunes, for fans to download beginning tomorrow, Sept. 2. Videos will include his No. 1 hits like “Nothin to Lose,” and “Stay with Me (Brass Bed).” Other videos set to be released are songs from his newest album, “We Weren’t Crazy,” including “Favorite State of Mind,” and his recent hit, “We Weren’t Crazy.”

Billy Ray 10 Billy Ray Cyrus recently filmed a video for his new single, “Somebody Said A Prayer.” The video was filmed in Tarzana, Calif., and includes a brief glimpse of Billy Ray’s son, Trace, the lead guitarist for the band, Metro Station.

“Somebody Said A Prayer,” is scheduled to hit radio stations in the next few weeks. The single is from his upcoming CD, “Back to Tennessee.” That shold be released later this year. Looks like we’re going to have a lot of country music in our stockings this Christmas.

Fair Heidi 065 Heidi Newfield continues to prove that she backing away from Trick Pony was probably a good career move. Her solo album took the 10th spot on Billboard Hot 200 chart when it was released on Aug. 5, and also landed in the number 2 poisition on Hot Country Albums tally. Heidi said it was such a labor of love, and it’s wonderful to have it accepted and connect with everyone as you hope that it will. Her single, “Johnny and June,” is still getting a lot of radio, and a lot of requests from the fans. Those of us who saw Heidi at the fair in Gray, Tenn., two weeks ago know that she’s definitely “connecting” with her audiences.

 Copy of TimMcgraw Tim is scheduled to release a children’s book, ‘My Little Girl,” a story about a father and his daughter that turned an ordinary day into an adventure. The book is for children ages 4-8, is a picture book, and will be available Oct. 21.

Tim McGraw will be releasing his third greatest hits collection, called Greatest Hits 3, on Oct. 7. He had previously released Tim McGraw Reflected Hits Vol. 2, and 2000’s Greatest Hits, which both debued at number one on the country charts.


Fair Tracy 056 The new album contains 12 songs, including “Real Good Man,” “If  You’re Reading This,” and a duet version of “Find Out Who Your Friends Are,” with Tracy Lawrence.

Later in October, McGraw will release his first children’s book, My Little Girl, a story about a father and his daughter that turn an ordinary day into an adventure. The ages 4-8 picture book will be available Oct. 21.

Tim is also appearing in a feature film, Four Christmases, which should be in theaters this Thanksgiving.

There’s a little update on television appearances, USO tours, movies, CDs and books, involving some of your favorite country singers. Check back tomorrow for a little info about the upcoming Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va.

Keep writing – You know I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. And you all know I love your e-mails! Take care!

Back to the news…

August 25, 2008

angela-hacker Since this is an “inbetween Fairs” week, I thought I’d get you caught up on what’s going on right now in country music.

First of all, how many of you remember Angela Hacker, winner of the fifth season of Nashville Star. I liked her, I liked her music. I often visit her MySpace page to listen to songs from her first album, The Winner is Angela Hacker.”  Sadly, Angela has joined the ranks of other Nashville Star winners, Buddy Jewell and Brad Cotter, who are currently without a major record label.

Miranda Our most famous Nashville Star contestant (she didn’t even win the show), is Miranda Lambert. She finished in third place, and shortly after her platinum-selling 2005 debut album, Kerosene, went to the top of the country charts. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend followed Kerosene, and also produced some chart-toppers for Miranda. On Saturday, Aug. 23, Miranda and one of the members of her band were on line in an Xbox Halo3 competition with her fans. She is also Xbox’s artist of the month.

Rascal Flatts fans will enjoy hearing that the group has put together Rascal Flatts Greatest Hits Volume 1. Some of the songs included in this great album include Prayin’ For Daylight; I’m Movin’ On; I Melt; and one of my favorites, Feels like Today. I got to see this group perform a few years back at Freedom Hall in Johnson City, and someone told me I should go again – the guys gets better every day.

 TaylorS I just got my Sept. 6 issue of Country Weekly magazine in the mail. Taylor Swift got the cover, and a story called Lessons I’ve Learned. In the exclusive interview, Taylor talks about family and friends, falling in love and being a role model. It’s a good article. Country Weekly writers always do a great job with their stories.

For fans of Tammy Wynette and Marty Robins, there are a few DVD’s you might want to pick up, or get on your Christmas list this year. They are the first two in a planned series of DVD’s, putting television performances from the entertainers careers on to DVD’s for us to enjoy. I’m definitely a fan of the old country music…and the new… and the stuff in the middle, too.

026_26 I want to thank Country Weekly magazine for seeing in Randy Houser what I saw nearly three months ago. In a brief in the new issue, titled “The Voice of Country’s Future,” CW said “He’s one of country’s newest and brightest!” I couldn’t agree more. His first single, Anything Goes,” is being played on radio stations all over the country.

Don’t forget that Randy will be making his national television debut on Thursday, Aug. 28, on Late Night with David Letterman. It airs on CBS at 11:30 p.m. here in East Tennessee, but please check your local listings for time and network, because you won’t want to miss this one.

That’s all for tonight. Thanks again for reading my chatter… and thank you all for the comments and e-mails you’ve been sending my way. Talk to you real soon!

Put a Redneck in the White House?

August 12, 2008

Chad Brock Chad Brock, who had a few country hits about 5 years ago, thinks it is the right time to put a redneck in the White House. I’m not sure how serious he is about the whole thing, but it’s pretty obvious he plans on having some fun with it.

Chad is currently working as the morning DJ for a radio station near Tampa, Fla.  He just released a single called “Put A Redneck in the White House,” and you can hear it by going to his MySpace page.

“People think rednecks are folks who drive big trucks, drink beer and hunt all day long,” Brock explained. “But that’s not rednecks. You have rednecks in every state in this wonderful country—they get up every morning, and they go to work in factories or on farms or at desks, and they struggle every day to make ends meet. They’re paying four dollars a gallon for gas, and trying to keep food on the table for their families. They’re having a hard time, and I think they’re ready for a redneck in the Oval Office.”

He was quick to admit that he knows his chances of winning are slim (I’d say VERY slim), but he hopes speaking out will bring some positive change. Good for you, Chad!

chad-brock-artist-photos During the “She Said Yes” and “Lightning Does the Work,” Brock days, I had the pleasure of meeting Chad at the Fair in Gray. And I will say one thing for him. He certainly didn’t let any of his success make him a stranger to the fans. In fact, one of WXBQ’s DJ’s at the time, Gunner Jackson, was setting up to broadcast from the fair, and Chad was throwing a football around. Gunner went over to toss a few with the entertainer, and asked him, “Are you with Chad Brock’s road crew,” to which Chad replied, “No, I’m Chad Brock – let’s pass this thing for a while.” A true story about a great country entertainer – who just might one day be the leader of the free world….. (I don’t think so, Brock).

Brock’s single “Put a Redneck in the White House” should hit radio air waves this week. It’s his first single in more than four years. By the way, his campaign slogan is “A Common Man for the Common Man.” Ok, Brock – It’s catchy.

I’ll talk to you guys soon. Thanks for the e-mails! Keep writing, and keep letting me know what you want to see in Country’s Chatter!


Back in the Saddle

August 11, 2008

GeorgeStrait George Strait’s 27th Annual Team Roping Classic has been set March 13 and 14, 2009, in San Antonio, Texas. The event will feature ropers from 500 teams who competed earlier this year for $660,000 in cash and prizes. 

Anyone interested in buying tickets, or registering to compete, can get all the details at (George Strait Team Roping Competition). Even if you can’t rope, ride, or even attend the March event, I know you will enjoy visiting the web site. It’s filled with event into; photos from previous events; news; results; and general information. And of course, it lets you know how you can get your tickets for March.

Johnny Cash A few days ago, I told you about the Christmas album coming out, which will team today’s top female country singers with the late, great Elvis Presley. Now, we have another new release coming out in October. This album is Johnny Cash Remixed. The album, which has the approval of the Cash family, even has rapper Snoop Dogg on the remix of “I Walk The Line.”

Country Music definitely keeps getting more interesting.


Keith Anderson, who appeared at the Appalachian Fair a few years back, took a little time away from touring to take Country Weekly Magazine with him on a bike tour of the Rockies.

Keith sports a “No Fear” tattoo, and he obviously takes it seriously.

I had told you all a while back that Keith’s first career choice was baseball, and he was in fact signed by the Kansas City Royals until that career got put aside due to an injury.  But, he’s still very much a sportsman. Be sure to check out the great article in Country Weekly (week of Aug. 25, 2008). It’s the one with Alan and Denise Jackson on the cover.

Jake copied All of Jake Owen’s fans are gearing up for his Wednesday, Aug. 20, appearance at the Appalachian Fair. And, they probably already know this – but, I’m going to share it with the rest of you. Jake will celebrate his birthday on Aug. 28, just a week after he is in Gray. So, I think the Gray show would be a great time for all of us to get our cards and little gifts ready and deliver them to Jake at the Fair. Or at least we could all join in together for a loud (probably off-key) East Tennessee version of “Happy Birthday.”

That’s all for tonight. I hope I get to meet a lot of you at the fairs! Talk to you soon!

Happenings in country music…

August 8, 2008

Anyone who ever wondered what Carrie Underwood, Sara Evans or LeeAnn Rimes would sound like singing a duet with Elvis Presely won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

A new album, called Elvis Presley Christmas Duets will include many of his greatest hits turned into collaborations with several of today’s stars. “Ill Be Home for Christmas,” is a duet with Carrie, and LeeAnn will add her voice to “Here Comes Santa Claus.”

352391R1032A_32A_111 Martina McBride, Gretchen Wilson, Amy Grant, and Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapaman will also have recordings on the new CD.

According to a news report form 1290 CJBK, Priscilla Presley praised the project, saying “We are so pleased that these accomplished artists are collaborating with Elvis in this unique way to make exciting new versions of his Christmas Songs. I am sure Elvis would be proud to have worked with them.

MerleH Merle Haggard, a legend in country music, has found a way to promote living a green lifestyle, backing it up with a little star power in the spring of 2009. The Green Train, a team coined by Merle and musician Bob Wolfe, will be traveling to 28 states this year displaying different ways to help the environment.

They plan on touring the country in six weeks, starting in Portland, Oregon and ending in Washington, D.C.  During the trip they will put on nine concerts in large venues, and put on 21 smaller acoustic performances in smaller cities. The tour will also include organizations with booths that show sustainable products.

I’m going out of town for the weekend, but I’ll be back with something new early next week. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Drop me a line and let me know how you spent your time away from work!


Meet Lea Marie – Musician, Songwriter, Singer

July 22, 2008

I told you Saturday night, that1979-11-30 001 1979-11-30 050 I was in Nashville for a few days, and that was the reason I didn’t get to Fun Fest in Kingsport. And I also said I would tell you why I didn’t get to the concert – and here is the reason. I went to the annual Tennessee Press Association awards luncheon, with our publisher and several co-workers.  The event was held this year at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel.

The Erwin Record won 17 awards that day, quite an accomplishment. Among the awards was being named the best weekly newspaper in the state for the sixth consecutive year!

Just had to share that with all of you – now, let me tell you about Lea Marie. She was in the lobby of the hotel playing piano, and singing. I talked briefly with her, and the people she was with, and learned quite a bit about this very talented young lady.

1979-11-30 001 1979-11-30 046 Lea Marie is 16 years old, and lives in Los Angeles. She is originally form Manhattan, NY, and spent her teen years in Connecticut. She has written more than 100 songs on piano and guitar, and her first single is currently at the No. 83 spot on the top 100 in Europe.

She writes and sings pop, country, R&B and Broadway, and loves all music. Her self-titled debut album is scheduled for release on Sept. 16. Lea Marie wrote all of the song on the CD. In addition to the 11 songs, there is a DVD with six of her music videos, and a 12 page booklet of lyrics and photos.

1979-11-30 001 1979-11-30 049 You can hear some of her music at her home page, as well as on YouTube.

She’s young, talented, and has some big plans for her future.  It will be interesting to see where she’s headed. Go listen to her music, and let me know what you guys think of Lea Marie.

That’s all for now – I have a few errands to run, and it’s already getting late. And, to those of you who are waiting for an e-mail reply from me … just give me another day or two, and I’ll get you answered then. When you go out of town for a couple of days, everything seems to get behind.

Take care! More Later! Love you guys!

Buddy Jewell is back

June 20, 2008

Copy of 023_23 An article in the most recent issue of Country Weekly magazine is titled “Buddy’s Back.” I, for one, really hope so. I’ve missed Buddy Jewell the past few years. This picture of Buddy and his son, Joshua (who was probably 3 or 4 when this picture was taken) is now 7 years old. This photo is from an Appalachian Fair appearance a few years back.

In the article, Buddy talks about having used the last few years to spend time with his family – wife of nearly 20 years, Tene’, daughter Lacy, now 14, and son Buddy III, who is 18. You might remember that it was a comment his daughter made that inspired him to write his first hit single, “Help Pour Out the Rain,” subtitled “Lacy’s Song”.

Copy of 029_29 The article says Buddy will begin touring again this summer, and will be going out with Mark Wills, Trent Willimon and Ray Scott as part of the Honky Tonk Tailgate Party ’08 Tour. I don’t see anything close to here on his tour schedule – but I’ll certainly keep looking.  (Photo at the right was taken at the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va.)

He describes his current single, “This Ain’t Mexico,” as a controversial song about his views on illegal immigration. I just went and listened to it on his web site, I like it. And Buddy can definitely still sing!

Copy of 031_31 Country Weekly quotes Buddy as saying, “I hope a lot of folks agree with me, but I know there are some folks who aren’t going to. But hey, that’s what makes it America.” And isn’t it great, Buddy, that we are all free to think the way we want, and express our opinions in whatever form we know best.

Buddy’s CD, “Country Enough,” which includes “This Ain’t Mexico” is scheduled for release on July 1. You can pre-order it at Buddy’s web site ( buddy is now recording on his newly formed record label, Diamond Dust Records. Buddy, welcome back! I hope you’ll get back to our area in concert soon.

That’s it for now. I’ll get more up for you guys soon. Remember to let me know if you hear about anything you’d like to share with my readers.


New singles; TV appearances; Trace at the Capitol

June 9, 2008

LadyAConcert 008 Lady Antebellum will release their second single, “Lookin’ For A Good Time,” on June 23. The song is one from their debut album.

“Lookin’ For A Good Time” is a “catchy, carefree follow-up to Lady Antebellum’s first Top five single, “Love Don’t Live Here,” that finds Hillary Scott sharing the lead vocals with Charles Kelley”.

Copy (3) of LadyAConcert 005 And, here’s the third member of the trio, Dave Haywood.  These photos were taken at Viking Hall on May 2.

The group is now on tour and will be performing throughout the summer with country music stars including Kenny Chesney, Carrie Underwood and Reba McIntire.

The group will also be performing the National Anthem at the Coke Zero 400, at the Daytona International Speedway on Saturday, July 5, on TNT.

Copy of 004_4 Today, Trace Adkins joined U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker for a press conference to announce legislation to improve and protect the quality of life for more than 41,000 children in Tennessee. The announcement also included representatives from the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN). The conference was held at the state Capitol War Memorial Plaza, Nashville. Anyone who watched Celebrity Apprentice may remember that FAAN was the charity Trace was hoping to win money for with his appearance on the show.

TaylorSwift Taylor Swift will make a special appearance tonight on the season premier of Nashville Star. The show is on NBC for the first time this year. Billy Ray Cyrus will be the host, and former host, Jewel, will be joining the judges panel. With Jewel will be John Rich and Jeffrey Steele.

XM radio will be broadcasting Nashville Star on their new country channel “Highway 16” (XM 16) at 8 p.m. eastern time on June 12.

Copy of 352391R1076A_76A_115 And, last for tonight – do you remember “Gone Country”, the CMT program where John Rich got seven entertainers who were not country music singers and tried to turn them into country stars? Well, CMT is at it again – this time, they are taking Gone Country cast members Maureen McCormick, bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson, and putting them in a new show called “Outsider’s Inn.” Apparently the trio is supposed to run a B&B in east Tennessee. This show will premiere on CMT on Friday, Aug. 15.

I did say that was “last” didn’t I? But I just can’t let the evening get away without tossing this one out — Jessica Simpson will release her first country CD on Sept. 9 for Columbia Nashville. The album is still untitled, but one of the songs is “Come On Over.” I’ll just hold any opinion on Simpson as a country singer until…. Sept. 9, perhaps.

I’ll talk to you all later. Have a great day – and if you watch “Nashville Star,” be sure to let me know what you thought of it.