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Toby Keith’s movie headed for theaters near you!

September 11, 2008

emmaheader_b4mh Just a quick note to let you guys in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia know that Toby’s movie, Beer For My Horses, is now being scheduled for theaters in our area!

Johnson City’s Carmike 14, and Abingdon’s Cinema II will be the closest theaters to get the movie. Check their local listings for dates and times. That’s good news for all of Toby’s fans, who had to wait until his first film, Broken Bridges, made it to television to see it.

I’ll be getting pictures and information about the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va., up here as soon as I can. It’s not easy to get a post up every night with the fair farther away (than the one in Gray), and I do have to work every day this week. But I”ll do my best to get something up soon. Kellie Pickler did a great job with her show last night!

You guys take care, keep reading, and keep in touch! Love hearing from you all.


Books, movies, tv appearances, and a USO Tour

September 1, 2008

I hope all of you had a good Labor Day weekend. It’s always nice getting a three-day weekend, and visiting friends and family for a picnic, or final swimming party of the summer. Now, here’s a little news.

 Copy of 004_4 Trace Adkins will take part in another USO tour to the Middle East. He will be there for a week of entertaining, and giving the soldiers a chance to take pictures and get autographs. Trace has been a long-time USO supporter, he said he is humbled by the opportunity to spend more time with our nation’s finest.

Trace will be seen on CMT’s series Crossroads this fall, when he takes the stage with the southern rock band, 38 Special. The Crossroads special will premier Saturday, Sept. 27, at 8 p.m.

Fair Josh Gracin 149 Josh Gracin will release his entire video catalog to iTunes, for fans to download beginning tomorrow, Sept. 2. Videos will include his No. 1 hits like “Nothin to Lose,” and “Stay with Me (Brass Bed).” Other videos set to be released are songs from his newest album, “We Weren’t Crazy,” including “Favorite State of Mind,” and his recent hit, “We Weren’t Crazy.”

Billy Ray 10 Billy Ray Cyrus recently filmed a video for his new single, “Somebody Said A Prayer.” The video was filmed in Tarzana, Calif., and includes a brief glimpse of Billy Ray’s son, Trace, the lead guitarist for the band, Metro Station.

“Somebody Said A Prayer,” is scheduled to hit radio stations in the next few weeks. The single is from his upcoming CD, “Back to Tennessee.” That shold be released later this year. Looks like we’re going to have a lot of country music in our stockings this Christmas.

Fair Heidi 065 Heidi Newfield continues to prove that she backing away from Trick Pony was probably a good career move. Her solo album took the 10th spot on Billboard Hot 200 chart when it was released on Aug. 5, and also landed in the number 2 poisition on Hot Country Albums tally. Heidi said it was such a labor of love, and it’s wonderful to have it accepted and connect with everyone as you hope that it will. Her single, “Johnny and June,” is still getting a lot of radio, and a lot of requests from the fans. Those of us who saw Heidi at the fair in Gray, Tenn., two weeks ago know that she’s definitely “connecting” with her audiences.

 Copy of TimMcgraw Tim is scheduled to release a children’s book, ‘My Little Girl,” a story about a father and his daughter that turned an ordinary day into an adventure. The book is for children ages 4-8, is a picture book, and will be available Oct. 21.

Tim McGraw will be releasing his third greatest hits collection, called Greatest Hits 3, on Oct. 7. He had previously released Tim McGraw Reflected Hits Vol. 2, and 2000’s Greatest Hits, which both debued at number one on the country charts.


Fair Tracy 056 The new album contains 12 songs, including “Real Good Man,” “If  You’re Reading This,” and a duet version of “Find Out Who Your Friends Are,” with Tracy Lawrence.

Later in October, McGraw will release his first children’s book, My Little Girl, a story about a father and his daughter that turn an ordinary day into an adventure. The ages 4-8 picture book will be available Oct. 21.

Tim is also appearing in a feature film, Four Christmases, which should be in theaters this Thanksgiving.

There’s a little update on television appearances, USO tours, movies, CDs and books, involving some of your favorite country singers. Check back tomorrow for a little info about the upcoming Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va.

Keep writing – You know I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. And you all know I love your e-mails! Take care!

Beer For My Horses soundtrack

July 9, 2008

toby cover I got an e-mail from Brian Robillard today, manager of online marketing at Universal Music Group / NetReach. He said he’s working on the soundtrack for the new Toby Keith / CMT theatrical release of Beer for My Horses. The album features Toby, Willie Nelson, Ted Nugent, Trailer Choir, and Carter’s Chord.

Brian said the focus track of the soundtrack, “Off the Hillbilly Hook,” is from a very unique country group called Trailer Choir, and is being featured in all 30 major league baseball stadiums this year.  Check out the video on You Tube.

TrailerChoirPress900 This is Trailer Choir. Be sure to check out their MySpace page.  You can hear clips from several of their songs, as well as read a short bio from each of the group members. The group is made up of Big Vinny,from Linden, TN, Crystal, from Cheyneyville, La.; and Butter, from Ashtabula, Ohio.

They are recording for Toby’s label, Show Dog Nashville, and are currently on tour with Toby. And, while you’re out there surfing the net, remember to visit the movie’s web site, too. I’ll be anxious to hear from whoever is first to see Beer For My Horses when it is released to theaters Aug. 8.

Take care! More tomorrow! Write when you have time. Love you guys!

Toby’s Movie … and country news

July 1, 2008

toby concert 2 Last night I mentioned Toby Keith’s movie, “Beer For My Horses,” which is due to open in theaters on Aug. 8. And today, I got a very nice e-mail from Barbara R., who has a Toby Keith Fan Forum cite. She told me there is a web site for the movie, it is And you will find trailers, photos, cast bios, and other interesting things there. She told me the list of cities where the movie will open is still being updated – so I’ll definitely be checking back often. So far, the closest city to me is Nashville, and that’s 4 hours away!

Toby concert I had a Toby CD on a while ago, It was the Blue Moon CD – One of my favorites. And, just for something to fill a little space next to this great shot of Toby … my favorite song from that CD is “Me, Too”. You guys remember that one? I love that song.

Kristy Lee Everyone remember Kristy Lee Cook, from American Idol? It looks like we’re going to be hearing a lot more form Kristy. She has signed a deal with 19Recordings/Atrtisa Nashville, a label under the Sony BMG Nashville umbrella. Her first sing,e “15 Minutes of Shame,” is supposed to be released in August. Her album, produced by songwriter Brett James, will be released in the Fall. Fellow Idol contestants Kellie Pickler and Carrie Underwood also record for Sony BMG, in conjunction with 19 Recordings.

Kellie PIckler And, speaking of Kellie, she will be going out on tour with Sugarland this fall. The tour will kick off in Asheville, N.C. on Sept. 13. It will be a 25-city tour that will conclude on Nov. 16 in Bossier City. La. Ashton Shepherd will also take the stage for this 25 city tour.  She’s going to be a busy young lady – we’ll be able to catch Kellie at the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va. on Sept. 10.

Billy and Miley Billy Ray and Miley Cyrus are keeping busy, as always. On June 29, they performed at a Nashville area skate festival to honor Alex LaVasseur, the late son of songwriter Jeffrey Steele. LaVasseur, 13, was killed in an ATV accident last year. Billy Ray also stays busy with his hosting of the NBC television show, Nashville Star.

Randy Owen Alabama’s lead singer, Randy Owen, is writing his autobiography. He calls the book “Born Country,” and it is scheduled to be in bookstores on Nov. 11, which is also the release date of his first solo album, “One On One.” Randy is co-writing the book with Allen Rucker. It will be published by HarperOne. Randy said in a press release that the book is something really important for him and his family. “We touched on every segment of my life, it’s relaly a microcosm of my life,” Randy said. I like the fact that the book will be here in time for Christmas.

Dierks2 Back in February, in a little post I did called “Did You Know…” I mentioned Dierks Bentley not only sings, but he also plays Hockey. Well, it looks as though he plays something else, too. Dierks was the first country artist to participate in the Xbox 360 promotion, Game With Fame, where he played Halo 3 with online fans and gamers. Xbox Live has 12 million members. Pretty cool, huh?

That’s all for now. Be sure to check out the Beer for My Horses web site – thanks again, Barbara for passing that information on to me. And check out some of the other links in this post. They go to the entertainers home pages or My Space page.

You guys take care – keep writing! I love hearing form you.

A bit of country music news

June 30, 2008

607482R12423A_23A_242 I’m going to use tonight’s post to give you a little news about some of your favorite country singers – we’ll start with Josh Gracin, one of our scheduled Appalachian Fair performers. Josh and his wife, Ann Marie, are expecting their fourth child. They are already parents to Briana, age 6, Landon, age 2, and Gabriella, age 1. When will the new baby arrive? All the press release said was “later this year.”

Copy of 034_34 Chris Cagle has apologized for the May 28 incident, when he and his girlfriend were arrested at his Nashville home. The couple apparently had been drinking and fighting when the police were called to the scene. Chris said the whole thing was “exaggerated.” And he also said that the incident was not induced or elevated by his intoxication. Chris is scheduled to appear at the Tennessee Valley Fair in Knoxville in September. In his public apology he said, “I take full responsibility for my actions, and I was wrong, and I am embarrassed…I am sorry.”

tracylawrence Fans at Tracy Lawrence’s party at the CMA Music Festival got a special treat when Tracy’s buddy Trent Tomlinson joined the festivities. Tracy is one of the country stars scheduled for our Appalachian Fair in August. Trent is on tap for the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va. in September.





Check around the Internet for trailers from Toby Keith’s movie “Beer for My Horses.” They aren’t showing us too much, but it might give you some idea what is in store for all of us when Toby’s movie hits theaters in August.

toby-keith-with-guitar The soundtrack for Toby’s movie is available at And don’t forget to check out his My Space page to keep up with the latest Toby news, tour dates, and CD info.

That’s all for now. Whoever is first in line on Aug. 8 to see Toby’s new movie… let me know what you think of it.

And any of you who get some pictures from a concert or festival that you’d like posted here, just send them to my e-mail, and I’d be more than happy to get them up for you.

See you all soon.

Toby Keith’s second Big Screen Role

June 21, 2008

Copy of toby-keith-with-guitar Toby Keith’s second movie, “Beer for My Horses,” is scheduled to open in theaters Aug. 8. I’m not sure what theaters though. When his first film, “Broken Bridges,” hit theaters in 2006, it was what they called “opening in select theaters.” I guess none of those select theaters were in our area, because the first opportunity I had to see the movie was when it got on television, on the CMT network. Maybe we’ll do better this time.

Anyone who saw the music vide for “Beer for My Horses.” knows it was about a detective (Toby) who got the help of Willie Nelson to nab the bad guy. The movie, however, isn’t going to be a thing like the video. It’s being called a ‘comedy road trip story’. Toby plays Rack, a deputy who, against the orders of the department, goes out to rescue a girl from dangerous drug lords.

Toby1 Willie Nelson will appear in the movie, as will Ted Nugent, Tom Skerritt, Rodney Carrington and Gina Gershon. Rodney Carrington co-wrote the movie with Toby.

How many of you are planning to go see Toby’s new movie in August? What do you think of them turning that rather serious video into a comedy? I mean, the video was about crime, law enforcement, and the good guys winning (which I’m sure they will do in the movie as well). But a comedy? I suppose we’re all going to have to go to the movies to see how this one turns out.

Enjoy your weekend! Talk to you all soon.