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Put a Redneck in the White House?

August 12, 2008

Chad Brock Chad Brock, who had a few country hits about 5 years ago, thinks it is the right time to put a redneck in the White House. I’m not sure how serious he is about the whole thing, but it’s pretty obvious he plans on having some fun with it.

Chad is currently working as the morning DJ for a radio station near Tampa, Fla.  He just released a single called “Put A Redneck in the White House,” and you can hear it by going to his MySpace page.

“People think rednecks are folks who drive big trucks, drink beer and hunt all day long,” Brock explained. “But that’s not rednecks. You have rednecks in every state in this wonderful country—they get up every morning, and they go to work in factories or on farms or at desks, and they struggle every day to make ends meet. They’re paying four dollars a gallon for gas, and trying to keep food on the table for their families. They’re having a hard time, and I think they’re ready for a redneck in the Oval Office.”

He was quick to admit that he knows his chances of winning are slim (I’d say VERY slim), but he hopes speaking out will bring some positive change. Good for you, Chad!

chad-brock-artist-photos During the “She Said Yes” and “Lightning Does the Work,” Brock days, I had the pleasure of meeting Chad at the Fair in Gray. And I will say one thing for him. He certainly didn’t let any of his success make him a stranger to the fans. In fact, one of WXBQ’s DJ’s at the time, Gunner Jackson, was setting up to broadcast from the fair, and Chad was throwing a football around. Gunner went over to toss a few with the entertainer, and asked him, “Are you with Chad Brock’s road crew,” to which Chad replied, “No, I’m Chad Brock – let’s pass this thing for a while.” A true story about a great country entertainer – who just might one day be the leader of the free world….. (I don’t think so, Brock).

Brock’s single “Put a Redneck in the White House” should hit radio air waves this week. It’s his first single in more than four years. By the way, his campaign slogan is “A Common Man for the Common Man.” Ok, Brock – It’s catchy.

I’ll talk to you guys soon. Thanks for the e-mails! Keep writing, and keep letting me know what you want to see in Country’s Chatter!