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All you have to do is ask….

February 22, 2008

AJfanfair2 I mentioned in my last Post that I would like to have a picture of Alan Jackson – without a hat. And, I got two of them! They came in an e-mail from “AJ Fan”. I couldn’t wait to pass them on to all of you. I just wrote back to “AJ Fan” to see if I can get some information – where these were taken, when they were taken, and who took the pictures. I appreciate getting them, but would really like to have a little more information about them. So AJ — let me hear from you again!

ajhatl_1 The one on the right, the e-mail said, was taken by Linda Davis. But it didn’t say who she is or where she lives, or where the photograph was taken. So Linda, wherever you are – thank you for passing it on to AJ Fan so she could pass it on to me. It really is a great photo.

I saw Alan in concert at Knoxville a number of years ago – and I don’t think it would surprise anyone to hear that he put on a really great show. I look forward to seeing him again sometime.

Enough for now — again, my thanks go out to AJ Fan! Hope you all enjoy these photos, too.



Not the way we usually see them….

February 21, 2008

001_1 Do you recognize this pretty lady? It’s Terri Clark, without her hat. I’ve only ever seen Terri in concert once, where this picture was taken, but I’ve been told she takes off her hat at least once during every concert, to give her fans an opportunity to get a photo of her “hatless.”

I wonder if Alan Jackson has ever been to one of her concerts? He might take the hint from this, that we’d like to have a picture or two of him without a hat, too. Think about it, Alan.

003_3 OK, I’ll be the first to admit this IS the way we always saw Blake Shelton – until recently. His long, curly locks are gone. I guess it’s just the “Mom” coming out in me, but I think he looks much better with the shorter hair.

A recent issue of Country Weekly Magazine ( had an exclusive interview with Blake, and a great photo of him with the short hair. It’s a good article, written by David Scarlett.

Blake spent a lot of time in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia at the start of his career – he did the Appalachian Fair, Washington County Fair, and Tennessee Valley Fair, and also did a “meet & greet” at Wiseman’s Clothing Store in Johnson City. But we haven’t seen him around here for a while — hope he puts us back on that very busy touring schedule of his.

That’s it for tonight. Talk to you guys later!