James Otto, Kellie Pickler & Bucky Covington…another fair is over for this year.

  James Otto 2 James Otto opened the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va., Monday night, Sept. 8. With songs like “Just Got Started Loving You,” and “For You” already making him a huge favorite of country music fans, James is also in the list of nominees for a CMA award this year. The awards will be presented at the live show on Nov. 12 in Nashville.

I didn’t get out to see James on Monday, but Brittany Johnson did, and was kind enough to share these pictures with me – and with all of you!


James Otto 1 James has a full tour schedule ahead of him. He will be in Albuquerque on the 17th; Colorado Springs, on the 19th; Wichita, Kansas, Amarillo and then back to Memphis, the 19th, 20th and 22nd; and from Memphis back to Lubbock, Texas on the 26th.

I think we can expect to see James at the CMA award show, where he is hoping to pick up the award for New Artist of the Year. He has a four-day break in his schedule, from Nov. 8-12, but on the 13th he will be doing a show in Ontario, Canada.

Kellie Pickler 040 

This was one of the best surprises I have had in a long time. Kellie Pickler took the stage at the fair on Wednesday night. I liked her when she was on idol, she was cute, bubbly, sang ok, and she did country. I like her music on the radio – but I’ve never seen her in concert — until now.

Kellie is another example of how far people can go with the jump start they get form American Idol.

 Kellie Pickler 091 The kids who come from that show obviously want a career in music. They work hard at every part of “what makes a great entertainer.” And their hard work is paying off.

Kellie put on a fantastic show. I’m proud of her. She really, really did well. And I would go see this young lady in concert again.

And, she is another of of our CMA New Artist of the Year nominees.

I’m going to get a few more pictures of Kellie up here for all of you, before I move on to last night’s fair when Bucky Covington, another Idol graduate, was the headliner.

Kellie Pickler 166  Kellie Pickler 184 Kellie Pickler 086   Kellie Pickler 203 Kellie Pickler 081           Kellie Pickler 096

That brings us to Bucky Covington. I’ve seen Bucky before. He was good then, he’s even better now. He’s obviously very comfortable on the stage, and very comfortable around his fans. Bucky really likes who he is – and he’s not afraid to let you know that. When he’s ready for a huge round of applause, or a little screaming from all of his female fans, he does a little prompting to get the applause he’s looking for. But, he doesn’t have to. I think that audience was ready to give him all the applause and screams the kid could handle. It was a really good show.

Bucky 131 Bucky 264 Bucky 120 Bucky 246 Bucky 133 Bucky 335 Bucky 199Bucky 219  Bucky 364     Bucky 238

There you have it – a few photos from Meet & Greet, a few of Bucky, and one or two of twin brother/drummer Rocky tossed in there for you all to enjoy.

I have one more fair coming up, that will be Sept. 27, in Waynesville, N.C. (The Haywood County Fair). So between now and then, we’ll get back to country news, and get caught up on everything happening in the world of country music.

Thanks again for reading, and for writing. You know it takes me a while to get my mail answered, but eventually, I really do get back to all of you.


2 Responses to “James Otto, Kellie Pickler & Bucky Covington…another fair is over for this year.”

  1. Kerri/Kgator Says:

    Thanks! We “Buckaneer’s” recognize some of our fellow “Buckaneer’s” in the Meet & Greet pictures with our Bucky! Glad that you enjoyed the concert, especially Bucky, he’s a great performer and loves his fans!

  2. Country Says:

    Hi Kerri – glad you enjoyed the write-up about the concert, and the pictures I included. I’m not surprised that you recognized a few of the Meet & Greet fans… It seems Bucky’s fans are really dedicated. One of the fans I talked to said this was her 11th time to see him in concert! Thanks for reading Country’s Chatter – and thanks so much for your comment! I really appreciate people taking the time to write.

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