Last one to leave the Fair, please turn off the lights

 Fair Jypsi 202 It’s Saturday night, Aug. 23. The carnival rides are being dismantled and loaded onto tractor trailers; all the animals have left the fair and are home sleeping in their own barns; the concession stands are closed, and you will have to wait until next year for another funnel cake; and we’ve seen our last concert for the 2008 Appalachian Fair… will the last person to leave the fair grounds, please turn off the lights.

Fair Jypsi 102 Closing out the fair this year was the group Jypsi. An absolutely fantastic band, made up of siblings 17-26 – Scarlett, mandolin; Frank, guitar and vocals; Lillie Mae, lead vocals and fiddle; and Amber-Dawn, fiddle and vocals.

I’ve been telling all of my blog readers since June to go and check out Jypsi’s MySpace page. Listen to their music, and give this group a chance. Those of you who listened to that advice were at the fair tonight – enjoying a great show. Those of you who couldn’t make it missed something very special. But I have a feeling it won’t be long until you get a chance to see Jypsi again – in concert somewhere close to you.

Fair Jypsi 126 The kids were even nice enough to play a song I requested, which was not on their play list for tonight’s show. Thanks guys. I just love “Stray Dogs and Alley Cats”.

Their promotional material says the kids are “amazing musicians with head-turning style” – the promotion material is right.

These guys signed autographs and posed for pictures before and after the show, and were nice enough to fit two radio interviews in between their sound check and their supper. I think we’ll be seeing a lot of Jypsi! And I’m glad.

I’ve had six very long days at the Fair, and I think it’s time to post some pictures from tonight’s great concert and call it a night.

Fair Jypsi 156 Fair Jypsi 161 Fair Jypsi 173

Fair Jypsi 171     Fair Jypsi 189

Fair Jypsi 170 Fair Jypsi 041 Fair Jypsi 032   Fair Jypsi 070 Fair Jypsi 133  Fair Jypsi 116 Fair Jypsi 181

That will do it for tonight I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday. I might take a day or two to rest up here before getting up a new post, but stay with me. I’ll be back real soon with more country news.

Thanks so much for reading. And thank you for all your e-mails and comments. I’ll get back to everyone as soon as I can.
Love you guys,


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