One down… Five to go

Fair Tracy 056 Tracy Lawrence opened this year’s Appalachian Fair in Gray, TN, with a performance to a sold out crowd.

He sang some of his old songs, some of his newer ones, and every one of them was a real crowd pleaser.

Two of my favorites, “Paint Me a Birmingham,” and “Texas Tornado,” were in his list for tonight’s show.

Fair Tracy 078 - Copy Tracy’s band is made up of band leader Joe Caverlee on fiddle; Dennis Parker, acoustic guitar; Steve Poole, piano; Loren Nelson, steel guitar; Pat Lassiter, bass guirar; Darin Favorite, Lead Guitar; and Greg Stocki, drums.

There’s probably not a lot about Tracy Lawrence that I could tell you, that you don’t already know. So I think I’ll just put a few more photos up here for you all to enjoy.

Fair Tracy 011 - Copy Wiseman’s Clothing and Johnny’s Shoes sponsored tonght’s concert. Here’s a photo of Denise, representing Wiseman’s, with Tracy.

Some of the photos below are of the band members, the audience at tonight’s show, and of course – More Tracy.

Fair Tracy 077 - Copy




Fair Tracy 072

Fair Tracy 026  Fair Tracy 047

Fair Tracy 016  Fair Tracy 029

Tracy will be in Nashville tomorrow for a Fair in that area; and in a few days he’s off to Alaska, where he said he will be taking time out from appearances to do a little 4-wheeling on a glacier. Sounds exciting.

That’s it for tonight, check back tomorrow for fair photos of Josh Gracin. Write when you can, everyone, it’s always great hearing from you!


2 Responses to “One down… Five to go”

  1. NewssyLee Says:

    Thanks to you

  2. country5 Says:

    Hi there NewssyLee — for whatever it is I did, you are most welcome! Thanks for reading, and thanks for taking the time to add a comment.

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