Fun Fest 2008

FunFest6 I didn’t make it to Fun Fest this year, but I have a very good reason. Before I get to that, let me send out a huge Thank you To Birttany Johnson, who was kind enough to send me these photos of Rodney Adkins and Ashley Gearing. Rodney and Ashley took the stage at Fun Fest on Friday Night.

I was in Nashville this weekend, and in a day or two, I’ll be telling you all about the reason for that trip. I’ll also be putting up some info about a new singer/songwriter I met during that trip.

FunFest4Here we have WXBQ on-air personalities Matthew James, Marc Tragler, Reggie Neel and Steve Stroud who were all on hand to get the show started. You can catch these guys at The Appalachian Fair in Gray (Aug. 18-23).

Here are a few more of Birttany’s great photos from Friday night at Fun Fest!

FunFest9        FunFair9   FunFest1  FunFair12

FunFest2    FunFair10

FunFest8     FunFest7

Thanks again, Brittany, for the great photos from what I am sure was a great show! Hope the rest of you will remember to send your photos from summer concerts and fairs you attend this year. I’d love to get them posted for you! Write soon, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Talk to you real soon.


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