A bit of country music news

607482R12423A_23A_242 I’m going to use tonight’s post to give you a little news about some of your favorite country singers – we’ll start with Josh Gracin, one of our scheduled Appalachian Fair performers. Josh and his wife, Ann Marie, are expecting their fourth child. They are already parents to Briana, age 6, Landon, age 2, and Gabriella, age 1. When will the new baby arrive? All the press release said was “later this year.”

Copy of 034_34 Chris Cagle has apologized for the May 28 incident, when he and his girlfriend were arrested at his Nashville home. The couple apparently had been drinking and fighting when the police were called to the scene. Chris said the whole thing was “exaggerated.” And he also said that the incident was not induced or elevated by his intoxication. Chris is scheduled to appear at the Tennessee Valley Fair in Knoxville in September. In his public apology he said, “I take full responsibility for my actions, and I was wrong, and I am embarrassed…I am sorry.”

tracylawrence Fans at Tracy Lawrence’s party at the CMA Music Festival got a special treat when Tracy’s buddy Trent Tomlinson joined the festivities. Tracy is one of the country stars scheduled for our Appalachian Fair in August. Trent is on tap for the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va. in September.





Check around the Internet for trailers from Toby Keith’s movie “Beer for My Horses.” They aren’t showing us too much, but it might give you some idea what is in store for all of us when Toby’s movie hits theaters in August.

toby-keith-with-guitar The soundtrack for Toby’s movie is available at tobykeith.com And don’t forget to check out his My Space page to keep up with the latest Toby news, tour dates, and CD info.

That’s all for now. Whoever is first in line on Aug. 8 to see Toby’s new movie… let me know what you think of it.

And any of you who get some pictures from a concert or festival that you’d like posted here, just send them to my e-mail, and I’d be more than happy to get them up for you.

See you all soon.


2 Responses to “A bit of country music news”

  1. elsietee Says:

    Did you check out beerformyhorsesthemovie.com?

  2. Country Says:

    Hi Elsie,
    I did go to the Beer for My Horses (the movie( web site. Barbara R. Told me about it in an e-mail earlier today. I’m really hoping the movie will be released in my area. So far, it’s not on the list of theaters anywhere near here. I was so disappointed when “Broken Bridges” was released, and we didn’t get it in theaters here. But of course, I’ve seen it several times on Television now (I think I watch it every time it airs).
    Thanks so much for writing! And thanks for you comment. I really appreciate that! Hope you will keep reading my chatter… drop me a line or comment any time.

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