WXBQ’s last Lakeside Cinema for 2008

Last Lakeside Ciinema 017 Thursday night, June 26, was the last night for Lakeside Cinema at Winged Deer Park in Johnson City. At least it was the last night for 2008. The last movie – and I believe the one with the biggest crowd, was Alvin and the Chipmunks.

The sky got dark, the winds picked up, and it took about 12 people on the end of guide wires to keep the screen standing. Fortunately, the storm never materialized, and we got to see our movie.

Since you all know about the movies, the games, the WXBQ gang that hangs out with the crowd, and the great sponsors who bring all this to us every year. I think I’ll use the rest of this post to just put up a few more pictures of from tonight’s movie.

Last Lakeside Ciinema 001 Last Lakeside Ciinema 015

Last Lakeside Ciinema 002 Last Lakeside Ciinema 030

Last Lakeside Ciinema 014 Last Lakeside Ciinema 020

Last Lakeside Ciinema 008 Last Lakeside Ciinema 026

Last Lakeside Ciinema 029 To those of you who didn’t make it to any of the movies this year – remember, there’s always next year! I sure hope to see you then.

That’s all for now – thanks for reading. We’ll get more country music news up here for you real soon! Write when you  have a minute, I love hearing from all of you.


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