One Flew South – One talented trio!

One Flew South They’re called One Flew South, but Royal Reed, Chris Roberts and Eddie Bush, whose debut album is appropriately titled “Last of the Good Guys”, actually had to fly north to launch their career. A Decca Records conference room, three voices and 20 minutes were all that was required to land the group a recording deal, a press release said. Now, nearly eight months later, the vocal group, who worked with some of music’s most prominent songwriters, including Marcus Hummon and J.D. Souther, have released their debut album on May 27.

“With beautiful echoes of the great harmony groups like Poco, Eagles, and even the Beach Boys; One Flew South are the new kids in town,” said legendary songwriter J.D. Souther, who contributed his collaborative songwriting talents to One Flew South’s debut album.

One Flew South 2 Regardless of the time it took for One Flew South to land their recording and publishing contract, they are no overnight success. Rather, the three Nashville based vocalist-songwriters have been involved in the music business for years prior to hitting upon a perfect combination and bringing back to life a band starring three superbly matched vocalists whose harmonies are unparalleled.

“From the first moment the three of us sang together, it felt like home,” said Chris Roberts. “We jelled musically inside the studio and personally outside the studio.” Royal Reed added, “There was something about the way that we all came together, it feels as though we’ve found musical collaborators that were always out there waiting for us to come together.” The third member of the group, Eddie Bush, said, “Sometimes things just come together, I’m not saying that it was an easy road to get to where we are, but now that we’re here, working together has been seemingly effortless.”

To hear some of their music, click on any of the blue, underlined words in this post. And be sure to check out their MySpace page! They have a list of upcoming tour dates there, too. Nothing close to northeast Tennessee yet, but we’ll keep our eyes open for that.  If you haven’t heard this group on the radio yet, I’ve no doubt you will very soon.

Talk to you all soon. Leave me a comment, or send me an e-mail. Love hearing from you all!


One Response to “One Flew South – One talented trio!”

  1. candy Says:

    This is the band of the 21st century! They Rock!!! You’re bringing back the good music,Guys!! See ya at the Grammys!

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