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Toby Keith’s second Big Screen Role

June 21, 2008

Copy of toby-keith-with-guitar Toby Keith’s second movie, “Beer for My Horses,” is scheduled to open in theaters Aug. 8. I’m not sure what theaters though. When his first film, “Broken Bridges,” hit theaters in 2006, it was what they called “opening in select theaters.” I guess none of those select theaters were in our area, because the first opportunity I had to see the movie was when it got on television, on the CMT network. Maybe we’ll do better this time.

Anyone who saw the music vide for “Beer for My Horses.” knows it was about a detective (Toby) who got the help of Willie Nelson to nab the bad guy. The movie, however, isn’t going to be a thing like the video. It’s being called a ‘comedy road trip story’. Toby plays Rack, a deputy who, against the orders of the department, goes out to rescue a girl from dangerous drug lords.

Toby1 Willie Nelson will appear in the movie, as will Ted Nugent, Tom Skerritt, Rodney Carrington and Gina Gershon. Rodney Carrington co-wrote the movie with Toby.

How many of you are planning to go see Toby’s new movie in August? What do you think of them turning that rather serious video into a comedy? I mean, the video was about crime, law enforcement, and the good guys winning (which I’m sure they will do in the movie as well). But a comedy? I suppose we’re all going to have to go to the movies to see how this one turns out.

Enjoy your weekend! Talk to you all soon.