Randy Houser at Winged Deer Park … Part 1

 Copy of 038_38 Tonight I went to Winged Deer Park and saw Randy Houser’s concert. And it was wonderful. He is wonderful. I haven’t seen too many people who can entertain well with only a guitar and a mic – but Randy is definitely one of those who can do it! And do it very well.

You’ll notice the “Part 1” in the title of this post, that’s because it’s late… and because most of the good photos are on the other camera … and I have to get them on a CD so I can put them in here… I know, I know… “Too much information, Country.” But you get the idea.

Copy of Randy Houser 010I’m sure most of you who listen to country music have heard “Anything Goes.” It’s really a great song. Randy told me tonight that his CD will be released sometime in the fall. And, his video should be airing on Country Music Television in the next few weeks.

He’s a great kid, a super performer, and a very talented songwriter, too. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more form Randy Houser.

Randy Houser 001 And, you’ll be hearing more from me – tomorrow night, or perhaps the night after that … when I get the rest of the photos into the computer and on here for all of you to enjoy. I have a lot of photos of some of the fans with Randy, and a lot of on-stage and candid shots of Randy… so be looking for those real soon.

We all know you can’t have a country concert in Northeast Tennessee or Southwest Virginia without a visit from our WXBQ Rabbit. Thanks to all the folks at WXBQ for their part in bringing Randy’s concert to Winged Deer Park.

Thanks, Randy! I really enjoyed meeting you, and hope YOU will check back to Country’s Chatter often. And to the rest of you, thanks so much for all the support you’ve given me. Write when you have time… or post a comment. Talk to you all soon.



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