Lakeside Cinema in Johnson City

 WXBQ Movies 004 WXBQ Radio, Food City, Coca-Cola, and Johnson City Parks and Rec have bought the movies to Winged Deer Park again this year. Every Thursday night in June, a different movie will be shown on the huge outdoor movie screen.

It’s an opportunity for everyone to come out and visit with the Rabbit, the on-air staff from WXBQ and Electric, as well as some of the behind the scenes folks at the radio station… There are games for the children and lots of food available for purchase from area vendors.

WXBQ Movies 012 The movie is free, the parking is free – and the games, (complete with prizes for the youngsters) are also free. It’s a great way to spend a summer evening.

The Rabbit sure has a lot of fans. Most wanted a hug or a photo, some just wanted to touch the friendly fellow.

WXBQ Movies 015 Tonight’s movie was “The Water Horse,” it was a good movie – one I had seen previously, but it was definitely worth a second look. Next week will be “The Princess Bride”, and the last week, Thursday, June 26, will be “The Chipmunks.”

WXBQ Movies 026





The little baby at the right did wake up to enjoy a little of the movie, but she sure looks comfortable in her own little seat.

WXBQ Movies 016 Here is a shot of the rabbit with one of his little fans. I’m not one to estimate crowds, but I will say that the movies at Winged Deer Park are certainly a popular event. The park was packed, and it was obvious everyone was enjoying their evening at the movies.
Here are a few pictures of some of the WXBQ Crew who were at Winged Deer helping all of their fans have a good night at the movies. Thanks WXBQ, and sponsors for a really fun summer activity!

WXBQ Movies 006  WXBQ Movies 011

WXBQ Movies 009WXBQ Movies 003

That’s all for this time – Remember, if you can’t think of anything fun to do on Thursday night, June 19, head on out to Winged Deer Park in Johnson City to see “The Princess Bride,” and enjoy a great evening with WXBQ and Electric 94.9! And on June 26, it will be “The Chipmunks.”

Remember to write, or leave me a comment – it’s always good hearing from you!


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