Trace, Jeff, Garth – and 10 more

adkins Trace Adkins may not have been Donald Trump’s choice for Celebrity Apprentice, but most of his fans would pick him for any job he wanted. On the finale’ of the show that aired Thursday night, Trace got to sing his current single, “You’re Gonna Miss This”, which is still in the Top Ten on the country charts (and still headed upward).

Copy of 033_33 The March 15 issue of Country Weekly Magazine had a great article about Trace, and other country entertainers who managed to “beat the odds” – tragedy, poverty, addiction… and other painful challenges,” the article says. Jeff Bates, who I think has one of the best voices in the business, had his share of troubles, with drugs, stealing, jail… but managed to get himself straightened out through a rehabilitation program. Jeff isn’t afraid to admit his mistakes, and is very open about his past when he speaks to audiences at his concerts.

Copy (2) of Oaks Garth Brooks is among the stars mentioned in the article. I guess deciding to move to Nashville and become famous isn’t always easy. But Garth said in the article that it was two years after his initial trip to Nashville that he decided to give the business another try — that time, he made it.

Kellie Pickler, Dolly Parton, Ty Herndon and Little Big Town are a few of the 13 stars who talk a bit about how they beat the odds.

You guys have a great night… I’ll see you tomorrow!


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