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Early Easter at WXBQ!

March 17, 2008

Brittany 004 With the busy schedules most of us have these days, it’s hard to get things done on the exact day when they should be done. So on St. Patrick’s Day, Brittany Johnson and I traveled to WXBQ Radio in Bristol, Va., to deliver Easter candy to the WXBQ Crew. Marc Tragler was on the air when we arrived, and was more than happy to see us. (Or maybe it was the chocolate he was happy to see. I’m joking, Trags.)

Brittany 005 Marcus Brooks, who is on the air from 8 p.m. to midnight, came in to start his shift before we left. (Don’t anyone tell Trags, but Marcus got a special treat – a Russell Stover Coconut Cream egg. Couldn’t help it, Trags, Marcus was really hungry.)

For those of you who haven’t been listening lately, there is always something up for grabs at WXBQ. Right now, they are giving away $20 gift cards for an Easter ham from White’s Fresh Foods. You’ve got the Birthday winner every morning with Richard and Steve; and free music weekends every weekend! Tune in to WXBQ 96.9 for the music; the great air staff; and of course, the free stuff!

Brittany 007 We definitely couldn’t forget our fuzzy friend, the WXBQ Rabbit. His little Easter gift included a carrot shaped container filled with orange Reeces Pieces. Couldn’t think of a more fitting gift for a rabbit than that.

Steve Stroud (half of the 6-10 a.m. morning show, with Richard Quiillen), said one Easter that he didn’t get a chocolate rabbit … we took care of that while we were up there, too. Enjoy, Steve!

Talk to you guys tomorrow. Take Care everyone.