Travis Tritt and Josh Turner

RSCN04110055_055_216 Travis Tritt had to cancel his March 3 concert in Plant City, Fla., due to illness. We all hope he’s doing well now!

He keeps his tour calendar full, with the following dates among those on his extremely busy schedule:  March 14, Altoona, Iowa; March 15-16, Hinckley, Minn.; March 19, Nashville; March 21, Savannah, Ga.; March 28, Wendover, Nev.; March 29, Laughlin, Nev.; and March 30, Reno, Nev. Travis will also be in Sandusky, Ohio, on June 8, for Bike Week.

Josh Turner’s current CD, “Everything is Fine, which includes the songs “Firecracker” and “Another Try” (featuring Trisha Yearwood), is currently No. 18 on Country’s Album Charts.240841R12625A_25A_081

Most people think of “Long Black Train,” whenever they think of Josh Turner. But he’s had many hits during his career. Josh writes a lot of his songs, and this quote is on his web page. “The life that I live and the experiences that I have always affect what comes out of me creatively. I think that’s what makes music real.”  I believe his fans think so, too.

240841R12221A_21A_077 Upcoming concert dates for Josh include March 18 in Bethlehem, Pa. (that will be  his first of many concert dates with Carrie Underwood). The tour with Carrie will take him through May 25, and they will play 25 cities during that tour.

On June 11, Josh will be part of the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga. After that he is set to play State Fairs through September 6.

That’s it for tonight. You guys have a great evening, and a fabulous Friday! Have a good weekend, too.

Take Care


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