Chris, Darryl & Clay

034_34 Chris Cagle’s latest CD, “My Life Has Been a Country Song,” was released mid-February. It’s the CD that contains his single “What Kinda Gone.” Other songs on the CD include the following: No Love Songs; It’s Good To Be Back; I Don’t Want To Live; Never Ever Gone;
If It Isn’t One Thing; Keep Me From Loving You; Little Sundress; My Heart Move On; My Life’s Been A Country Song and Change Me.

Chris is in Murfreesboro, Tenn. tonight, and will be in Charlotte, N.C. on April 4. He puts on a great show. You can get a complete tour schedule on his official web site.

013_13 I don’t think it matters how many great songs Darryl Worley puts out – he is going to be best remembered for “Have You Forgotten.” Darryl is currently scheduled to perform at Fort Camppbell, Ky. on March 15, and will be in Bakersfield, Calif. on 3/28 and Peoria, Ariz. on March 29.

015_15 Clay Walker is doing quite a bit of performing in the southwest right now. Upcoming dates have him in Houston and Austin, Texas, and in Arizona and California, as well.

I’ve been a fan of Clay’s for a very long time – but I think his recent single “Fall” is probably my favorite Clay Walker song.

Any of Clay’s fans who haven’t visited his MySpace page really need to – It’s a great page, with so much information and music. I know you’ll enjoy it.

That’s all for tonight. Hey! It’s Friday! Have a great weekend! See you guys later.


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