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Adkins/Carroll Concert Report

March 2, 2008

 JMC and Trace Adkins 211 Here are a few photos from the Trace Adkins concert in Asheville, N.C. on Feb. 23. A new friend I met through my blog, Lisa Perkins, from Johnson City, took these pictures.

The other act that night was Jason Michael Carroll. Here’s what Lisa had to say about the concert. JMC and Trace Adkins 059 (1)

“Hey!! The Asheville show was awesome, as I knew it would be!! My friends and I had so much fun! We each had an American flag in which we waved during JMC’s ” Anywhere USA’ and during Trace’s ” Arlington” and new hit “American Man”, I think that is the song title, anyway, JMC acknowledged us by pointing to us with mike stand when we started waving our flags, this was the third time I had seen each of them…..Trace has always put on  great show, IMO, but JMC totally rocks! JMC has a show tomorrow before the Las Vegas race, sure wish I could be there! My pictures are not the best, I am no photographer, when it comes to the likes of JMC, I get to excited to hold the camera steady!!  LOL But here are a couple attached you can use, if you want, if not good enough quality, then no problem! I can’t wait to meet you too! ttyl Sorry no real good quality pics, my friend took some too, hers are a little better……I will see if I can send you a couple from hers as well!”

Thanks so much, Lisa, for the photos and for sharing your great time with us. I’m always looking for photos, concert reports, and anything any of you would like to contribute to Country’s Chatter. Hope to hear from you soon!